Equality, Diversity, Inclusion.

Our roadmap to becoming a more inclusive partner

In this together

Most businesses have an equality, diversity & inclusion (EDI) policy. But, as a partner to the NHS, one of the largest and most diverse workforces in the UK, we want to do more than that.

The benefits of creating an inclusive and diverse culture are well documented. Diversity increases performance, it’s as simple as that.

And, although we think we’re on the right track, there is always more we can do.

So, we’re embarking on a journey to embed EDI best practice throughout our business – from how and where we source our candidates to internal reflection and education.

We don’t just want to pay lip-service. We want to make a difference.

EDI Champions

In 2021, we created the role of EDI Champion to help us achieve that goal.

Our Champions have put together a programme of internal and external events, education and training to support colleagues and partners.

Karima Dakhama
Andrew Jukes
Kirsty MacDougall

Helping our teams

Our EDI programme has four streams: Support, Education, Training & Events to equip our teams with a deeper understanding and appreciation of different communities.

Internal initiatives:

Educational events and focus days to co-incide with national ones, such as LGBTQ+ history month, Black history month and mental health awareness week.

Lunch & Learns. Live and virtual sessions, hearing stories from people with lived experience.

Identifying unconscious bias and putting in place action plans to counter it.

Unpicking our internal hiring processes, making sure we are attracting diverse talent to Keystream

Helping our partners

Diversity is top of the list for our clients, and we want to make sure we’re supporting their ambitions and providing equal access to the recruitment process for diverse talent networks.

Partner initiatives:

Supporting clients’ diversity objectives by challenging our own sourcing processes – creating neutral job adverts, unbiased recruitment processes and sourcing from all available talent pools.

Hosting topical events, bringing together experts, clients and partners. 

Providing insight from our teams and networks through blogs and interviews to inspire, educate and support our partners.

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