Goodbye data, hello insights.

Centralise, Analyse, Visualise complex data for better decision making.

Make sense of your data

We founded Keystream Analytics out of a desire to help clients who were struggling to manage and utilise huge, unwieldy amounts of data.

Operating as a sister business to Keystream, we deliver critical data projects to the NHS, public and private sectors.

A boutique business run by accomplished experts in business intelligence, we use market leading technologies and proven processes to deliver cost-effective, high impact projects.

What we do

Are you struggling to make sense of your data? Do you want to unlock the value of your data, but don’t know where to start?

We deliver data management, analytics and reporting solutions so you can quickly and easily interpret data in real time, delivering actionable insight and real business value.

Already have a solution for part of the process? We can work within your systems and teams, designing specific projects for any aspect of your data strategy.

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The team

Kay Khan
Chief Technology Officer

Kay has a wealth of experience in successfully implementing a range of data analytics solutions that have had a positive impact at a price that delivered real value.

With a unique understanding and appreciation of the cultural changes required to implement an analytics solution, she believes analytics give organisations valuable insights into what is and isn’t working, by unlocking the data trapped in their systems.

Azhin Abdulla
Senior BI Developer

An innovative and highly creative analytics expert with public and private sector experience, Azhin has successfully developed data analytics solutions, delivering positive results for clients.

With a flexible approach, she works collaboratively with others, able to bring all parts of a data analytics project together, cohesively.

Project Experience

Data strategy

Devise an organisational strategy covering how to acquire, store, manage, share and use data in the best way for business improvement.

Data architecture

Integrate and structure how the data is stored for better management and accessibility.

Data management

Organise and maintain data processes to ensure the reliability and timeliness of data for its users.

Data analytics

Modelling data to allow for quick and easy analysis and enhanced insights with easy to use tools.

Data visualisation

Design dashboards that turn complex data into easy to understand visuals. Users can monitor performance and trends at a glance.

Managed services

Ongoing management of data processes via a specialist team, on-premises or in the cloud, decreasing stress and guaranteeing quality.

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