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Alexis Kolirin

Candidate referral scheme

As a recruitment business, we are always increasing our network of talent to introduce to our clients. Referrals from trusted existing contractors, candidates and clients is one of the channels we use to extend our network.

Referral fee

We have a referral scheme in place to thank anyone who recommends us and brings someone new to our network who goes on to work for Keystream. 

We will pay £100 for each successful referral to us.

If you would like to refer someone to us, contact us and tell us a bit more about them. We’ll be able to let you know if the person you are referring is a fit for Keystream and our clients, whether we already know them and next steps.

Terms and conditions

This is an external scheme and excludes Keystream employees.

A ‘candidate referral’ is when someone in Keystream Group’s network recommends a new prospect to our business which leads to us making a placement (securing them paid work).

The referred candidate cannot be someone we already know and have on our database. If this is the case, the fee will not be payable. A referral fee will only become payable if the referred person is subsequently recruited, placed with one of our clients and successfully completes the ‘initial period of employment’.

The ‘initial period of employment’ equates to 4 approved timesheets for a contractor and 4 weeks of continuous employment for a permanent candidate. If the candidate does not complete the initial period of employment, the fee will not be payable. Fees are paid on the Friday following the approval of the 4 timesheets or client confirmation of 4 weeks employment for a permanent candidate.

Any queries about referral payments will be handled by the HR Manager, whose decision is final.


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