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Heather Gordon

The Challenge:

The Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust (RFL) needed to deliver a large Windows 10 programme across three hospital sites, just when the Covid-19 pandemic began.

This project was a critical one for the Trust, and was further complicated by the need to transition quickly to woking from home - meaning additional IT technical support was required.

The extremely challenging timing added urgency to the programme, as well as further pressure on budgets and administration to ensure rapid onboarding of new staff.

The Solution:

Keystream redeployed a number of our team to work on the RFL account, to faciliate the speedy recruitment of required resources.

In addition, we allocation internal capacity to recruit the IT technicians who would support the RFL team's move to home working as soon as possible.

The Results:

Keystream was quickly able to deliver the skilled resource that RFL needed urgently for the programme and to support the move to home working. We provided:

  • Over 25 contractors, supplied at speed, including Service Desk, Deployment, Project Management and Architecture experts.
  • A dedicated Account Manager, able to respond quickly to queries
  • Regular, bespoke reporting, designed exactly to RFL's specifications
  • Swift resolution of any issues to ensure the programme remained on track

RFL were consequently able to deliver the Windows 10 programme on time, during exceptionally challenging circumstances, whilst providing professional IT support to teams working from home for the first time.


Head of Service Delivery, Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust

"Keystream are dedicated in providing best in class recruitment services. They are our recruitment partner of choice, with a talented network of proven and relevant candidates, as well as a robus back office function to ensure we stay on track with budgeting.

Due to the demands of the hospital group Royal Free consistently adds pressure, needing quick turnarounds for work, to which Keystream always deliver."



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