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Georgia Nield

Female Digital Leaders in Healthcare

After a hiatus caused by the pandemic, we are kick starting our events programme again with an in- person panel discussion in Manchester. Our panel is made up of three highly respected NHS leaders, all passionate about redressing the gender balance within healthcare technology leadership. 

Currently, women make up 44% of NHS board members according to the NHS Confederation*, with the percentage varying greatly across different regions and specific roles.  The NHS has tasked itself with achieving a 50/50 split in the near future, and whilst progress has been made, we’re not there yet.

Our panel will be discussing what needs to change in order to help achieve that goal.

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The panelists

Katherine Church – CDO Surrey Heartlands ICS

With a background in financial services, Katherine moved to the NHS in early 2020, lured by the chance to move from the commercial sector to work on projects that deployed ‘tech for good’. 

She leads digital and data strategy, bringing health and care services together through digital solutions and thereby improving the lives of the Surrey community - some 1.2 million people.

A strong advocate for increasing the percentage of senior women in tech, she champions an internal strategy that nurtures female talent, supplemented by parachuting in skills to support in-house capabilities. 

Her focus on the end user, the ‘customer’, with a goal of developing a better, seamless experience that starts with the fundamental principle of getting the basics right and growing from there.

Abigail Harrison – CDIO North West Ambulance Services (NWAS)

As Chief of Digital and Innovation and CIO for the North West Ambulance Service, Abigail provides strategic leadership to Informatics, IT, information governance and clinical records. She works with the board to develop NWAS’s approach to digital innovation, bringing the digital strategy to life’, transforming the NHS through data and technology.

She has spent the last 10 years working in improvement and innovation in Salford, working regionally and nationally to deliver national measurement systems, large scale change programmes and provide support to teams testing innovative solutions to some of the biggest challenges across the NHS.

Hugely passionate about championing women in all aspects of life, she believes motherhood, rather than womanhood, is the biggest barrier to progression for women.  Within the NHS, she’s fighting to get more women into technology, and believes perceptions of women as ‘not techical’ are part of the problem.

Jason Bradley – Interim CIO, Warrington and Halton Hospitals Foundation Trust

As CIO at Warrington and Halton, Jason is leading the drive to improve patient and social care via digital transformation. Numerous roles in more than 10 different NHS bodies across England give Jason a unique view of the culture within the NHS, how it varies from Trust to Trust and how it can sometimes hold women back. 

Jason has mentored, advocated and encouraged women to apply for leadership roles when a male dominated IT culture has held them back. He has actively promoted hiring policies based on skills and competencies only, removing bias and barriers for women.

As well as contributing to the discussion, Jason also wants to learn more about how male allies can help and support the progression of female talent to leadership positions.

The Moderator

Kay Khan – CTO Keystream Analytics

Kay works with NHS organisations to implement business intelligence solutions that allow them to unlock the value of their data and drive business decisions. Her background as a business intelligence, data and analytics consultant working with numerous NHS bodies gives her a direct insight into the issues that will be discussed by the panel.

As a mother and senior female leader, she’s able to draw on her own experiences to direct the conversation and ensure that our audience get the most out of the event.

Who is attending

The audience will primarily be made up of current and aspiring NHS and public sector leaders, managers, their teams and HR who work within the broad technology area.

And of course, it's not just for women! It's for anyone interested in influencing and furthering diversity within their organisation, whether directly or as an ally.

Format and registration

Our event will start with registration and introductions, followed by the panel discussion. 

There will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions during the panel discussion, and time to network at a drinks reception afterwards

Register for the event here

If you have any questions, or would like to suggest a question for our panel in advance, contact


*Source article here 


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