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Dan Lobley

How a Master Vendor Agreement resulted in significant cost savings for one NHS Trust

The Challenge

Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (GHFT) had engaged multiple recruitment partners to provide Digital, PMO and Analytics contractors for vital technology projects in its aim to achieve 'Digital Aspirant' status.

With many contractors already in place and working for the Trust, the Head of IT wanted to achieve efficiencies in administraion and cost by consolidaing these disparate resources through one primary supplier.

The Solution

Keystream proposed moving to a Master Vendor agreement in order to align the contract workforcde, simplifying processes and thereby saving the Trust's internal IT team time.

To ensure the Trust would make a saving on all contractors, we designed a specific, regionally competitive rate card.


Keystream was engaged in March 2020 for an initial 6 months. The contract was extended by a further 12 months to September 2021, enabling Keystream to help fulfil GHFT's recruitment needs across the technology spectrum.

Through the Master Vendor Agreement, Keystream delivered:

  • Efficient migration of 15 Digital, PMO and Analytics contractors from other suppliers to Keystream via a seamless, error free process
  • A signification reduction in costs to the Trust by operating at a competitive margin
  • 50+ contract placements across 3 key departments
  • The successful placement of permanent roles via a fixed percentage model, including the position of IT Operations Manager
  • An 84% successful hire rate across all the Trust's recruitment requirements

The resulting hires played an integral role in GHFT's strategy to become a Digital Aspirant Trust.

Testimonial - Head of IT, GFHT

"Keystream are experts in their field and have proven to be an experienced and dedicated resource partner.

Their comprehensive network of technical staff ensures they are able to meet our requirements quickly and efficiently.

Their commitment and quality of service is supporting the Trust on its journey towards Digital Aspirant status."


If you'd like to find out whether Keystream can save your department time and money through a Master Vendor Agreement, contact one of our team.


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