We are carbon neutral for 2020 and going further in 2021

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Alexis Kolirin

Working with our partner Ecologi, Keystream has offset  our 2020 carbon emissions and planted 500 trees. 

Although we are a comparatively small business with a small carbon footprint, we recognise that every effort to reduce our impact on the environment counts. With this in mind, we are kick starting a project to improve our environmental credentials, and to encourage our teams to do the same.

2020 – Carbon Neutral

With the lockdowns and home working caused by the Covid pandemic, our energy usage naturally reduced versus previous years. However, as part of a shared building and with some office use within the year, we still had a significant amount of emissions to offset.

We chose to partner with Ecologi because of their easy-to-use platform that enables us to track exactly what projects we are supporting and where our trees are planted, enabling our team to literally watch the Keystream forest grow! Transparency is excellent, with links to evidence of the tree planting and carbon offsetting projects we contribute to.

Visit our forest and see the carbon offset projects we've contributed to here

2021 – Carbon Negative

It’s common knowledge that carbon offsetting is just one of the many tools available to businesses hoping to reduce their impact on the planet.

Over the next 12 months, Keystream will be working to reduce that impact further as a business. Our commitments include:
•    Continuing to work with Ecologi to become carbon negative in 2021 and plant more trees.
•    Further reducing business travel in favour of remote meetings
•    Working with our landlord and other business tenants to improve recycling
•    Reducing the amount of energy used, through technology and changing behaviours
•    Supporting our teams to do more in their personal lives through education and employee benefits, such as our cycle to work scheme.

Environment Champion

In order to help us remain focussed on our environmental goals, we have appointed an Environment Champion. The role will take an active role in creating and driving our environment strategy, working with partners and our teams to ensure we continue to do all we can as a business to minimise our impact and tackle the climate crisis.

We’re looking forward to sharing more in the coming months, watch this space!


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