A major new infrastructure roll-out for Surrey & Borders NHS Partnership Trust

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By :
James Leslie-Smith


Keystream have worked with Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Trust (SABP) since 2015, becoming a trusted supplier of expert consultants. We run multiple service contracts with the Trust across Infrastructure, Information Management, Software Development and Health Tech. 

We've supported Consultant IT Director Matt McCormick for the last 5 years, both at his previous employer and at SABP. The relationship is built on honesty, transparency and a comprehensive understanding of the requirements within his remit. 

The challenge

SABP required a solution to upgrade their network from a disparate non fault tolerant isolated network and data center environment to a centrally managed network and data centre estate. They engaged Keystream to deploy a full DNA cisco service and 142 network devices connected to this service across 32 sites. 

The solution

Keystream assembled a team of specialist technical Consultant’s from their associate programme to manage every element of the delivery – these included a Technical Architect, 2 Senior Network Specialists, 2 Network Engineers and a Radius Server Engineer. 

The deliverables

The team were responsible for:

  • Transferring management of the SABP network estate from zero centrally managed and configured network devices to a full Core cisco network environment of 142 network devices at 32 sites through Cisco DNA. 
  • Upgrading Network IAM management from local individual managed devices to the implementation and integration of a Network specific RADIUS service.
  • Increasing VxRail service capabilities by working with the VxRAil team to resolve site replication in order that full redundancy of VM services between sites can function according to pre-approved design.
  • Improving understanding and position of all 32 SABP supported sites from a mix of audit network information to a complete fully templated set of network documentation of every site.
  • Enhancing security of the SABP 142 network devices by implementing against design and the implementation of RADIUS for centrally managed authentication and authorisation services. 
  • Increasing security of the SABP 142 network devices from disparate non monitored devices through to consistent central managed and VLAN segregation according to LLD design.

The result

Keystream delivered the project on time and within budget, allowing SABP to have a full view of their network estate, ensuring proactive support for the organisation. The project was structured on a fixed price, deliverables based model ensuring efficient delivery and value for money for the Trust. 


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