Cerner Role Based Access Control (RBAC) 27.2 implementation

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Johnny Stein

Supporting clinical staff to provide safe clinical care via role based access control (RBAC)

The challenge

Careful control of staff systems access and permission levels is vital to ensure confidentiality, minimise clinical risk and protect patient safety.

Changes in personnel, processes and workflows can lead to staff having inappropriate access in Cerner, increasing clinical risk to patients.  To eliminate that risk, a tightly controlled access environment is required.

The solution

Keystream has worked on large, complex Cerner projects for a number of NHS Trusts, including the implementation of RBAC 27.2 model at St Georges Universities NHS Foundation Trust. 

We have teams of experienced contractors, from programme managers to architects, testers to floorwalkers, covering the end-to-end implementation life cycle.

We can take ownership of the end-to-end delivery of your RBAC project. Once implementation is complete, we put in place robust processes to ensure role based access control doesn’t degenerate in the future.    

Benefits of implementing Cerner RBAC 27.2

 - Improved patient safety by ensuring tight controls over
          - Ordering medication
          - Ordering procedures
          - Access to personal and medical information
          - Management of staff information and privileges
          - Aligning privileges and access to qualifications, e.g. DBS,                     
            UMA, CPIS
 - CQC compliance 
 - Appropriate access to Cerner systems
 - Robust ongoing processes and management

A typical project implementation plan

For more information about how we can help with your RBAC, get in touch 


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Role Based Access Control (RBAC) is essential to providing safe clinical care.

St Georges NHS Trust is an early adpoter of Cerner RBAC 27.2.

Keystream was the partner chosen to implement it. Read more here