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James Leslie-Smith

Over the past few years, we have been developing a CSR strategy, part of which is our commitment to ‘give back’ through charitable activities. As a values-led business that works with the NHS, charities and government bodies, we are very proud of what we’ve achieved so far.
Although the pandemic put the brakes on our 2020 plans, we achieved phenomenal success in 2019, when we raised a huge £13, 909.83 for Marie Curie. And in 2021, the emphasis is on volunteering – we have committed 20 days of team time over the next 6 months.

Volunteering – workshops for ‘Radicals’

After the hardships of the pandemic, we wanted to utilise our skills and make a difference through volunteering. Choosing a charity that fit with our equality, diversity and inclusion goals was important to us, and Radial Recruit proved the perfect partner. This inspirational charity is a recruitment company that exclusively works with disadvantaged candidates from marginalised communities, including people with criminal convictions, ethnic minority groups, people living with disabilities and ex-addicts. The work they do helps people turn their lives around and join the workforce having previously been dismissed by employers.

Their service includes preparing candidates for interview through one-to-one workshops, an area that Keystream’s team has been helping with. So far, we’ve conducted over 5 days’ worth of workshops, delivered by 70% of our recruiters. We’re hoping to increase this to 20 days and 100% of the team by the end of the year.

Find out more about Radical Recruit here.

How we raised over £13k in 2019 

We chose Marie Curie as our company charity in 2019 and engaged in various fundraising activities throughout the year. Marie Curie is a fantastic charity that supports people with end-of-life care, funding nurses, hospices and support services for families. We completed our year of fundraising just before the pandemic, a time when Marie Curie’s services were required more than ever before.
With an initial target of £5k, we ran several successful bucket collections at London tube stations at the beginning of the year and soon passed it. The team ran a sponsored 10k run in May, and undertook the Yorkshire Three Peaks, as well as ending the year with more bucket collections. Altogether, our final total was £13,909.83, a fantastic achievement.

More about Marie Curie's work here.

We are a business with strong values and will continue to increase our charity and CSR programme as we grow. It’s vitally important to all of our team members to give back, make a difference and benefit society. It’s also the right thing to do.


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