Keystream is awarded ‘We invest in people – gold’ accreditation!

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By :
Andrew Jukes

Keystream has been awarded the ‘We Invest In People – Gold’ level accreditation by Investors In People.

Not only did we achieve an acccreditation, we struck gold - an accolade that only 17% of Investors in People accredited companies achieve!

To do so, we underwent a rigorous, independent assessment process involving an anonymous employee survey, one to one employee interviews and an evaluation of our internal practices. The results have been presented back to us in a report, together with suggestions of where we can make further improvements.

The Investors In People report described Keystream as:

“A business that is open and inclusive…where senior leaders are open to new ideas, encourage people to be involved and to use their initiative, and where people have the autonomy to complete tasks as they see fit.”

Ethical and values-led

The Investors in People practitioner reported that our people love our ethical, values-led, ‘family feel’ culture, and commit to the business because of it. Our culture and values underpin everything we do as a business, including how we engage with our customers. The report stated:

“…development of long-term relationships with clients and contractors will always take priority over short-term and potentially unsustainable wins.”

In terms of career development, they were impressed with the longevity of our staff, their ability to rapidly progress in the company and their role in supporting change and the growth of the business.

We were also recognised as a business that takes on new ideas put forward by employees and challenges itself – an example of which is our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion initiative.

Johnny Stein, co-founder, commented;

“To achieve the gold accreditation in the first year we’ve engaged with Investors in People is phenomenal. I am extremely proud of the business we have created, the work we do in supporting our customers and the environment we’ve nurtured for our people. We will keep striving to improve our business as we grow, and our team will play a major role in this.”

What makes us worthy of Gold?

The report concluded by summing up why Keystream deserved a gold level accreditation:

“It is recognition of the culture you have collectively developed where people and their capabilities are valued, and where everyone knows they have a role to play in ensuring they and the business succeed together.”

The Keystream Directors would like to thank our outstanding teams for the incredible work you do, and the huge amount of enthusiasm with which you do it.

We are privileged to work with such a great bunch of individuals. Thanks all!


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