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Johnny Stein

New 2022 Keystream Champions

As we are coming up to the end of the year, it’s time for our 2021 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Champions to hand over the baton. These positions are rotated every year to give everyone the opportunity to get involved in responsible business initiatives, bringing new energy and ideas with them.

The Champions take full ownership of the work stream, setting the direction and driving activity across the business. They enjoy support from a mentor within our leadership team and plans are executed with the help of our willing Keystream teams. 

Charity support

Charity support, whether fundraising or volunteering, has been a part of Keystream life for many years. We’re delighted to announce Rose and Kelly have been appointed 2022 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Champions to continue this work.
Rose, specialist Charity and Not-for-Profit Recruitment Consultant, has a strong understanding of the third sector and hears first-hand from her network the positive impact businesses like ours can make. Credit Controller Kelly is passionate about enabling the business to give back, even more so since the pandemic which has affected so many. 

After a focus on remote volunteering in 2021 because of the pandemic, we are looking forward to returning to live fundraising events and activities. 2022 plans are being finalised by the new team, together with Director sponsor James Leslie-Smith, and an internal vote is underway to decide on our charity of the year. 

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

As a major recruitment partner to the NHS, one of the most diverse workforces in the UK, we have always advocated for greater diversity in the workplace. In 2021, we formalised this commitment with the creation of new EDI Champion roles.
Working across four strands - support, education, training and events – our 2022 Champions, Karima and Lily, will be building on the success of last year’s initiative, continuing to develop our EDI journey.

Karima – Divisional Manager for Local Government – has amassed a great variety of EDI knowledge and experience throughout her public sector interim recruitment career. NHS Recruitment Consultant Lily is a huge advocate of EDI related issues and advancing opportunities for under-represented groups in society. With big ambitions for next year, development of our 2022 EDI strategy, alongside Director mentor Andrew Jukes, is well underway.


Although we’re a small business, there is still much we can do to limit the impact we have on the environment. Gaining ISO 14001 certification and becoming carbon neutral are two steps we’ve taken in 2021 to achieve that aim.

Our green efforts are led by Environment Champions Alexis and Julia, with the support of Director sponsor Johnny Stein. Working with our suppliers and building facilities manager, they have put into place practical steps to ensure we are maximising awareness and take-up of recycling and energy saving. 

In 2022, the environment team plans to incorporate more green employee benefits and promote existing ones to increase usage.  Technology solutions, training and events are also under consideration to encourage people to adopt good practice outside the workplace. 

Last but not least… Social Secretaries!

Ok, it’s nothing to do with responsible business practices, but the position of Social Secretary is a crucial role nevertheless!

All of us have missed the opportunity to get together with colleagues outside of work during the lockdown periods. We’ve had a much more muted programme of socials over 2020 and 2021 than usual, with some events happening remotely during lockdowns.

Luckily, Divisional Manager Natalie and Associate Director Heather have taken on responsibility for devising and planning our 2022 social programme. A major highlight in the first quarter promises to be a 2-day company team building event in the Cotswolds. Combining ‘It’s a knockout’ with country pursuits, a spa, fine dining and plenty of opportunities to unwind in the countryside, we wanted to do something special to thank our teams for their outstanding efforts during the pandemic.

We’re extremely pleased to have our ‘Champions’ and Social Secretaries in place and can’t wait to see what exciting plans they have in store for us as we move through next year.


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